As a condition of participation in the Augusta Woods Referral Program (“Referral Program”), you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Eligibility.  Residents and non-residents of Augusta Woods, and businesses are eligible to participate (“Eligible Participant”) in the Referral Program.  Employees of Augusta Woods and/or its affiliates are not eligible.
  2. Referral Program.  Each Eligible Participant who refers a Qualified Referral to Augusta Woods, and such Referral subsequently purchases an Inventory Home or Resident-Owned Home for occupancy in Augusta Woods on or before the Expiration Date below, shall receive $1,000 for each Inventory Home, and $100 for each Resident-Owned Home sale(“Referral Bonus”). Inventory Homes and Resident-Owned homes are those which are owned by, and/or brokered by an Augusta Woods affiliate.
  3. Payment.  Payment of the referral bonus shall be made within 30 days of the closing, funding of the home sale, and execution of all community lease documents. 
  4. Participation.  In order to participate in the Referral Program, you must submit your, and your referral’s name, address, phone number and email address via the Augusta Woods’ website, at  A “Qualified Referral” is an individual who has not previously been in contact with Augusta Woods or its affiliates (i.e. by phone, walk-in, or email) relative to the purchase of an Augusta Woods’ Inventory or Resident-Owned Home, and such Qualified Referral subsequently purchases such Home for occupancy in Augusta Woods on or before the Expiration Date.  This Referral Program shall not apply to any referral who has had previous contact with Augusta Woods or its affiliates relative to the purchase of an Inventory Home or Resident-Owned Home.
  5. Restrictions and Limitations.  Only one Qualified Referral and Referral Bonus per home purchase.  You may, however, earn multiple Referral Bonuses by referring additional Qualified Referrals for the purchase of additional Inventory or Resident-Owned Homes. This program cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer from Augusta Woods or its affiliates.  Certain restrictions apply.  Further, a home purchaser cannot refer themselves and receive a Referral Bonus on their own home purchase. Prior sales excluded
  6. Evaluation of Qualifying Referrals.  Augusta Woods shall determine, in its sole and absolute discretion, if the referral qualifies under this program.
  7. Fraud or Misrepresentation.  Referral Bonus shall not be paid to any party who attempts to circumvent the spirit and intent of this program, and/or commits an unlawful act, including fraud, or other misrepresentation in connection with the submission of any referral.
  8. Modification or Termination of Referral Program. It is agreed and understood that this program may be modified, or terminated without notice, at any time in the sole and absolute discretion of Augusta Woods. Any Qualified Referrals made prior to the termination of this program shall remain eligible for a Referral Bonus, provided they otherwise qualify as provided herein.  This referral program cannot be combined with any other offer. 
  9. Expiration Date.  Any Referral submitted under this program must close on the purchase of their home and execute all community lease documents by December 31, 2023 (Expiration Date).
  10. Disclaimer.  We expressly disclaim all warranties with respect to the referral program, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use.
  11. Limitation of Liability.  The entire liability to you shall be limited to the amount of the Referral Bonus that is earned by you and otherwise qualifies under these Terms and Conditions.
  12. Limitation of Damages.  In no event shall Augusta Woods or its affiliates, officers, directors, agents or employees be liable to you for any incidental or consequential damages.